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EQ—Hoof Serum

EQ—Hoof Serum

Your horses hooves are living, growing and deserve all the love you can give them.

EQ—Hoof Serum restores, provides protection from the elements and defends against fungus.

This oil rich formula locks moisture in and will soften the dryest of frogs.

When applied on clean hooves the beeswax provides an effective natural barrier for cracks to prevent invasive bacteria from getting into the foot and leaves a soft glow for that polished look.

EQ—Hoof Serum has no fillers so you use less. A light application on the cornet band will keep it healthy, crack free and growing great new horn

Size: 473ml

$35.99 CAD

There are no fillers in this product.

All ingredients are human or food grade.

Apricot and Sunflower oils nourish while Neem and essentials oils pack an additional punch fighting fungus, bacteria and mold.

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