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Calendula Balm with Titanium

Image of Calendula and Titanium Balm, blue container with black screw top lid

Calendula and Titanium Balm is a multi-tasker helps take care of your dog on long summer days. Calendula and olive oil make this creamy balm healing and titanium helps protect white skin and pink noses from the elements.

Uses include:

  • sunburn
  • rashes
  • bug bites
  • cuts and scrapes
  • sun-dried noses and paws

Size: 50ml [2oz]

$18.99 CAD

Calendula, aloe and olive oil supercharge our balm, making it kinder, soothing and better able to help heal. Titanium helps provide a barrier between your dogs skin and the elements.

And if you need a touch of white for the show ring this would be a perfectly natural solution!

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