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Brand Ambassador: Emmanuelle Lord

Lives in: Ottawa, ON

Discipline: Dressage

Emma demonstrating great freedoma and collection

Emma began riding at 12 in a five-year-long program called “Sport Art and Study” in the province of Quebec. The program taught her a little about every discipline including; western, driving, jumping, liberty/groundwork, backing young horses and the basics of farrier and veterinary care.

She competed at the provincial level which helped her develop her horsemanship skills and how to appreciate each horse, how versatile they can be and how much they can accomplish. She has also worked as a working student for 3 summers at Rideauwood Farm for Susanne Dutt-Roth, EC 3level coach and accomplished GP rider. Daniel Kehres, a Dressage trainer from Germany has been her mentor for the past three years.

Emma now runs her own dressage business; Lordy Dressage working with partners like Branley Ash Sportponies and EveningSong Farm, where she promotes a diversified program for her students and horses, including jumping sessions and hacks.

She rides up to level I1 at CDI 2* level with horses she has started and particularly fond of the training approaches of Jaimey and Tina Irwin.

Emma's goal is to represent Canada in international competition.

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