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Forte Handmade
Saddle Soap

There is nothing that compares to a traditionally made soaps. Ours is made from pure extra virgin olive oil for its conditioning properties, coconut oil for a cleaning gentle lather. When made the glycerin (usually skimmed off and sold to the cosmetics industry) are painstaikingly cooked back into the soap. The process is then finished with the addition of yet more glycerin and essential oils that inhibit mold and mildew. Because there are no animal fats in this recipe regular use will not rot stitches .

Some of the benefits of using Forte soap:

  • cleans leather deeply without drying
  • conditioning
  • resists mold and mildew
  • leaves a soft finish that is not slippery
  • can be used daily

Size: 120ml [4oz]

$10.99 CAD

We don't use animals for testing; we use humans
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