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Tallow Brush Cleaner

Created by an artist for artists

If you are like me you spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on the best equipment you can afford to create. I have a collection of Kolonsky Sable brushes that I treasure and I have always washed and conditioned my brushes. Health issues had me putting my treasured brushes aside for a number of years and they suffered for the neglect. When I was ready to paint again my brushes were brittle and mishapen. When I cleaned them up with the 'old tried and true' cleaners the brushes did not improve.

Being a soap maker I began to think of why what always worked wasn't working. The answer was simple; the soaps I was using were not real soaps but made from detergents. The artists of old either made their own soap or went to the local soap maker and those soaps would be made from tallow, lard and/or olive oil, they would have been superfatted and highly conditioning.

Our soap is Ph balanced which is very important for keeping natural hair brushes in top condition.

Make your brushes happy and treat them to a pot of soap they were made for, naturally.

Size: 120g

$14.95 CAD

Ingredients: olive oil, beef tallow, lavender, d-limonene


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